Safety Techniques

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Safety Techniques

In every role-playing session, but especially in a game with horror elements, topics or game situations can arise that can be unpleasant for individual or all players (this includes the game master!) or even trigger memories of traumatic events. In a game session, everyone should feel comfortable and have fun, even if terrible things happen in the game - after all, it is a horror role-playing game!

It is therefore most important to talk to each other before the game or the start of a new session and to find a consensus about the content of the game (group contract). As the game master, you can also ask your players to tell you in advance about taboos or boundaries in person. Safety techniques can help prevent uncomfortable situations, but as always, empathy and common sense are key. It is by no means a must to use safety techniques and ultimately each group should decide together what arrangements they will make and if and which techniques they will use.