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Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!


Strength (STR): Strength, size and muscularity.
Constitution (CON): Health and physical resilience.
Dexterity (DEX): Mobility, coordination, agility.
Intelligence (INT): Apprehension, memory, learning if necessary.
Power (POW): Personality, motivation, mental resilience.
Charisma (CHA): Charm, leadership, personal charisma; physical attractiveness if applicable.
Temporarily lost attribute points mostly regenerate at a rate of 1 point per day.

Hit Points (HP)
You lose HP from physical damage; body armor can reduce damage.
At HP ≤ 2, you become unconscious. At 0 HP, you die.
One CON × 5 test is possible per day of recovery. If successful, you regenerate 1 HP.

Willpower points (WP)
At WP ≤ 2, you're having an emotional collapse and suffer -20% on all tests.
At 0 WP, you become unconscious.
After one night's sleep you regain 1d6 WP.

Sanity Points (SAN) and Breaking Point (BP)
SAN losses can have different causes: violence, helplessness, or unnatural.
If you lose SAN ≥ 5 in a single roll, a temporary insanity occurs in which you either flee, fight, or surrender.
If your SAN reaches BP or drops beneath it, you gain a long-term mental disorder and lose one motivation in exchange.
If your SAN drops to 0, you go insane.
Describe your SAN loss!
If you lose SAN due to violence or helplessness without suffering a fit of Temporary Insanity or reaching the BP, check the appropriate box on the character sheet; if you have checked all three boxes, your player character is considered adapted to that category.
SAN losses can be projected onto a bond by spending 1d4 WP and reducing the bond's score by the same amount.
If you already suffer from a mental disorder and lose SAN or if you are exposed to the trigger of the disorder, you are at risk of an acute episode.
You can try to push back an impending fit of temporary insanity or an acute episode by spending 1d4 WP and rolling a SAN test.

Motivations and Bonds
Think about your motivations (and mental disorders) and bonds.
Use bonds to compensate for SAN losses or to advance in the plot.

For the most part, no test needs to be taken in calm situations; your skill value determines the outcome.
Roll d100 ≤ score of the skill or stat to be successful.
Any success with a 01 or matching dice is a critical success.
Any failure with a 100 or matching dice is a fumble.
If you perform an opposed test against someone, the higher success wins.
If you fail a skill roll (Unnatural Knowledge excepted) and you have at least 1% proficiency in it, check the appropriate box on the character sheet. At the end of a session, add 1d4-1 points to the score of each checked skill and remove the mark.

One action per turn: Attack*, Dodge*, Called Shot*, Escape*, Move, Disarm*, Pin*, Wait, Aim, Fight Back*, Anything Else.

* Counts as a defense roll against melee attacks for the duration of the turn.
If you are attacked in melee, you can mostly Dodge or Fight Back.
To dodge you roll an Athletics skill test.
A ranged attack can be dodged by ducking behind cover using Athletics.

Obtaining equipment is mostly done by calling in favors or spending your own money.
Money plays a minor role in the game; equipment is divided into spending categories.

Between scenarios, there are recreational activities where you can address the events surrounding your bonds.
Fulfill responsibilities (can improve a bond and SAN).
Back to nature (can improve SAN at the cost of a bond).
Establish a new bond (at the expense of another bond).
Go to therapy (can improve SAN and cure mental disorders at the expense of a bond).
Improve a skill or stat (at the expense of a bond).
Pursue personal motivations (may improve SAN at the expense of a bond).
Take special training (at the cost of a bond).
Stay on the task (may improve SAN at the cost of a bond).
Study the Unnatural (increases Unnatural Knowledge at the cost of a bond).