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Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!


What horrors lurk behind the merciful veils of our small world? What monsters do we fear in the dark - only supposedly unjustly? Ancient tomes reveal horrible knowledge that may easily cost the reader his mind. Dark cults try to use the powers of the cosmos for their own purposes by means of gruesome rituals. And other groups also have their fingers in this game ... But many of the horrors that the universe holds in store are far more powerful and unpredictable than the fragile people who try to use this power.

The FHTAGN game world tells of the cosmic horrors of a world that lies behind the veil of normality - or what we consider to be just that. This volume is aimed at game masters who are looking for background information, descriptions of creatures, rituals and artifacts for their game round. It complements the FHTAGN rulebook with all the information that goes beyond the knowledge of the players.

  • Description of Cosmic Horror and its application in roleplaying.
  • Extensive description of sources of knowledge, rituals, artifacts, cults and unnatural beings.
  • Construction kits for creating your own creatures, rituals and artifacts.
  • Detailed presentation of the FHTAGN network, a campaign framework to facilitate group merging and scenario linking.

FHTAGN is licensed under the Open Game License (OGL) and is thus a creative tool for dealing with the Cosmic Horror of H. P. Lovecraft. Further background on the actual rules framework can be discovered in the FHTAGN Rulebook volume, which is primarily aimed at players.